How it Works

How it Works

Startup Call & Induction

The purpose of your startup call is to break down and
clarify EXACTLY what you would like to achieve over
the course of the coaching. You will go through a full
lifestyle recalibration to make sure your unique plan
works for YOUR busy lifestyle! Go through goal setting
and implementation and be given a broad overview
of your personalised 12-16 week plan.

Your Customised Nutrition Plan

Tailored calorie and macronutrient targets, food
recommendations and suggestions, ongoing nutrition
reviews to make sure you continually achieve optimal
results that make you LOOK and FEEL amazing.

Your Customised Training Plan

Built around three to four, four week phases. Built
around your specific needs (Abilities, time
restraints, preferences, personal goals etc).
Ongoing training reviews to make sure you not
only LOVE your workouts but that they work into
your busy life.

Access To Our Private Training App

View your workouts and training schedule. View
your nutritional targets & goals or habits that
have been implemented. Track your workout
stats and see your progress on a week to week

Access To Our Extensive Video Tutorial

Tracking your nutrition tutorials, Tracking your body
stats tutorials, How to foolproof your success, Mindset
and Upskilling, Training and nutrition app tutorials.

Access To The VIP Facebook Group

Exclusive content for clients only, monthly recipe guides and
meal plans. This is where we share client wins, alongside
providing in depth content from our joint expertise as
coaches in the fitness industry.

Weekly Check Ins & Video Feedback

Make sure you are on track for your calls by
completing your weekly check in! Your coach will then
analyse all aspects of your training, nutrition, lifestyle
and other biometric feedback and provide you with
video feedback on areas you’re doing well, what needs
improvement and tools to implement for the week

Fortnightly Video Coaching Calls

Another touch point with your Coach to ask
any questions you may have, dive deeper
into the specifics of your data and plan and
catch up face to face with your Coach!

Upgrade or Personalised Exit Strategy

At the end of your coaching period upgrade to our
NEXT LEVEL Coaching or your Coach will develop a
personalised exit strategy based off of your current
results and next goals so you can move forward from
the coaching with confidence that you can maintain
your results long term and execute your new ones
with clarity.


Congratulations! You’ve committed to the process
of long term sustainable change and are reaping
the rewards. Your clothes will be loser, your
confidence will be higher and the best part? You
got to continue eating your favourite foods
throughout the entire process! You know how Fat
Loss works and how to keep weight off FOR GOOD
and won’t sink another dollar into the quick fixes
and fad diets ever again.

Free Consultation Call

What’s holding you back from achieving your goals? Have a quick free chat with one of our coaches at a time that works for you to see if this would be the right coaching for you.


Never go on a diet again!

We achieve this through our method ‘Custom Flexible Nutrition’ which is a specifically tailored approach that is based around your needs with custom calorie and macronutrient targets that give you flexibility and freedom with your nutrition once and for all.


Training that works around you for you!

We hand deliver you a program specifically tailored around your goals, time restraints and lifestyle. Which means that you get to your goal in a way that works best for you. With access to our private training app you will be able to track all of your stats and see your progress on a week to week basis.


Lifestyle recalibration!

We will assess what you are currently doing with nutrition, training and lifestyle and figure out exactly why you are not getting the results you want and what changes we can implement to get you there.

Accountability & Support

Ultimate accountability!

24/7 access to your Coach through our private training app, ongoing reviews of your training, nutrition and lifestyle with your weekly check in, fortnightly coaching calls to keep you on track and monthly resources and recipe packs as well as access to our private FB community with bonus material!