Alexander The Great Coachings mission is to educate busy professionals to be self-sufficient around fueling their bodies with the correct nutrition, training sustainably around their busy lifestyles and fulfilling their potential to be the best version of themselves.


Initial Lifestyle,
Fitness & Nutrition

Personalised training
plan on our private
training app.

Tailored calorie and
macronutrient targets.

Ongoing reviews
with nutrition,
training and lifestyle.

Weekly check-ins
to assess progress
and offer feedback.

Fortnightly video
coaching calls.

Unlimited access to your
coach via calls and messenger.

Monthly recipe packs
and exclusive content
in the ATGC VIP
facebook group.

Access to Alexander
The Great Coachings
exclusive video library.

Personalised exit strategy
for the conclusion
of the coaching.



Ryan is a highly experienced and qualified sports and fitness coach, specialising in helping clients lose body fat, gain muscle and strength and take control of their lives through personal growth. With 10+ years experience in martial arts, Muay Thai and the fitness industry you are in safe hands with this 5x State Champion Fighter. Ryan will do everything it takes to teach, lead and inspire you to achieve your goals.


Eilish’s passion for fitness began when she first stepped foot in a gym aged 15.  Over the past decade she has explored a magnitude of training disciplines from Crossfit, functional fitness and yoga to strength and conditioning and Muay Thai. More recently Eilish’s drive for a challenge has seen her begin her journey towards competing in bikini bodybuilding with the WBFF.  Eilish’s goal is to help you take back control of your health and build the physique of your dreams through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.




No single client or ATGC team member is just a number. We are all human beings with goals, ambitions, families and values of our own. Caring radically cultivates a safe and supportive environment which allows everyone to be understood and supported. This provides the foundation which enables everyone to grow and succeed.



Integrity means to behave ethically and to do the right thing, even behind closed doors. This promotes better leaders, diversity, equity & inclusion and strong and resilient teams.



Good leaders push their people forward with excitement, inspiration, trust and vision. To live by example means to lead from the front so others are inspired to do the same.



Be self motivated, problem solve and seek out opportunities. When people feel trusted and supported, it not only gets results, but leads to increased engagement and productivity.



To be able to give the best of ourselves we must never stop learning. All great teachers are also great students. To be able to teach, lead and inspire others you must strive to learn more, be more and know more.

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Sammy Griffiths
Sammy Griffiths
Before I started with Eilish I had a fair amount of knowledge surrounding what it took to achieve what I wanted to... achieve. What I didn’t have was the tools it took to implement these things realistically. I struggled with accountability and always had an overwhelming amount of guilt if I missed a day at the gym. Working with Eilish for 16weeks so far we have implemented many strategies and tools to get me to where I am today. The main takeaway I have gotten is the psychological tools, tips and tricks surrounding food, my relationship with food and events. Still being able to enjoy a wine or 4 and not feeling guilty for it and still seeing results. This far since first starting with Eilish I have achieved an overall 7kg of weight loss, my body composition has changed but the main gain is a whole new mindset surrounding what it takes to achieve my goals. If your unsure about starting with Eilish, just do it! You won’t be disappointed. You will be supported, encouraged and celebrated every step of the way just like I have been. Even the smallest wins are a big deal with Eilish and she’s forever in your corner.read more
Katherine Norman
Katherine Norman
Over the last 10 years I have slowly put on weight to a point where I was heading towards possible lifetime health... conditions. I saw an add for ATGC and they were offering everything I was looking for and more. It has been a game changer for me, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so grateful to coach Ryan Alexander Black for his knowledge, support and patience, especially when I needed information repeated... lol. I have learnt so much over the last 16 weeks and although I wouldn't say it was easy by any means, the way my program was structured around my lifestyle and needs and with all the support offered, it feels like it was easy when I look back... and for this I will be forever grateful. I am now looking forward to continuing with AGTC to reach my big picture goal at the end of the year. I highly recommend putting your trust in the AGTC process, it works!read more
Samuel Te Wiremu Hill
Samuel Te Wiremu Hill
Ryan and Eilish are a amazing team to be apart of help achieve goals.I started with them to get my running to the next... level. With there advice in training and nutrition to help accomplish my goals.I took on the 16 week program, Ryan developed a training program and advised me on Macros and showed me how to track it all.Losing weight wasn’t my goal, my goal was to get faster and fitter.Results for this happened quite fast to.5km start 20.09mins now 18:08mins10km start 43.34mins now 38:0321km start 1:38.49 now to 1:29.17I was amazed in that sort of improvement since before starting the programme I wasn’t make much improvement. To cut off minutes is impressive to do in a year yet alone doing it in 16weeks.So recommend Ryan and Eilish to everyone especially since I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted so that was the fun part.read more
Liv Loftus-Isted
Liv Loftus-Isted
Eilish from ATGC has helped me so much over the last 16 weeks, definitely changed my thinking and ideas about eating,... living and staying healthy! thanks team!read more
Sherlock Fillingham
Sherlock Fillingham
Working with Coach Ryan Alexander Black at Alexander The Great Coaching has restored my motivation to train, eat right... and get great results. I had such a great experience with the program I would recommend anybody to try it, if your serious about training, eating well and wanting to transform your mind and body!read more
Jess Lizra
Jess Lizra
without saying too much about my personal 'issues', all I can say is, this programme has literally saved my life. I'm... only on week two and I can easily say this is the best decision I have EVER made. eilish and Ryan are so caring and so passionate and I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to lose weight or even just get healthy. I have learned so much in just two weeks. alexander the great coaching is now my rock.read more
Andrew Shue
Andrew Shue
I have trained with Ryan over many years and have found great results with his proven training systems
Jacob Winn
Jacob Winn
Ryan is fantastic, and alongside Eilish provide a great and very encouraging programme! I highly recommend them, they... have the knowledge and experience needed to keep pushing me along when I felt low on motivation and self discipline lol! Their guidance on the nutritional side is nothing short of relevatory - they taught me just how important my diet is as opposed to just endlessly working out, which meant cheat days and times where I travelled for work didn't mean losing everything I'd gained, but rather just adapted my lifestyle and workstyle to fit! They communicate so well, keeping things positive and most definitely do not put unrealistic expectations in your head. 5 Stars!read more
Dess Ler
Dess Ler
I can't say enough good things about Ryan. I am so pleased with my PT with him and enjoyed every single time but mind... you he makes sure you work your a** off 🙂 💦 🥊read more
Jay Twomey
Jay Twomey
If your looking for a knowledge, friendly and inspirational personal or group fitness trainer look no further! I worked... with Ryan for a number of year and his knowledge and personal skills are second to none, I felt inspired to be the best version of myself working with Ryan. Do yourself a favour and try out one of his sessions or book a PT with Ryan you will not regret it!read more
Grace Trotman
Grace Trotman
If you're looking for a top notch coach, this is your guy! Ryan made the process of getting back into Muay Thai and... strength as less daunting as possible. Super welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to precisely critiquing and improving technique but also keeping me motivated to smash new challenges. Thanks Ryan!read more
Shelley Gregory
Shelley Gregory
The best thing I like about Ryan coaching me is how patient and understanding he is. He listens to what I’m saying and... adapts my training to suit where I am at in life. I have smashed my goals with him and now only 3 months away from achieving a lifetime goal. Fully recommend anyone going through menopause being coached by Ryan.read more
Hayley Munro
Hayley Munro
The nutrition information that I received from Eilish and worked on has been the key to my current weight loss and... massive boost in energy. It's been invaluable and I would have been stuck in the same cycle if I didn't have such amazing support and help. 5kgs down in a few weeks and I'm still feeling motivated and excited about my progress!read more
Daniel Dawson
Daniel Dawson
Alexander The Great Coaching truly goes above and beyond for his clients.Having worked beside him for many years, I... know for a fact you will be hard pressed to find a more diligent, prepared and passionate coach to ensure you reach your goals. If you want results, you have to give yourself the best chance with the best coach!Daniel Dawson8 time world championread more
Chloe Clarke
Chloe Clarke
Ryan and I started working together just 6 weeks after I gave birth. He understood my limitations and created a... strength program designed just for me. He is very knowledgable, patient with high attention to detail.read more
Gabriel Gent
Gabriel Gent
Very motivating, precise and talented coach who always brings about the results. 100% recommendation
Hitormi Lim
Hitormi Lim
Ryan is an awesome trainer. I have to say that Ryan is great coach in motivating and helping me achieve my goals. I... enjoyed my training and felt great while I’ve as doing it.read more
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